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Audio Nerd USA is an Authorized MIT Cables' Matrix HD Online Dealer, an MIT Featured Dealer , and we're the best spot on the web for trading in your old speaker cables, interconnects, power cords, stereo equipment and home theater components for new high-end MIT Cables. You can also find great deals on MIT Cables and other high-end audiophile equipment in our eBay store and at our Amazon storefront.

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Customers who have traded in their used equipment have said:
“I found through AudiogoN. I traded in my Tara Labs RSC Air 1 interconnects and got half off a pair of
MIT Shotgun 1’s.”
Doug A., California
“I had a pair of old MIT Terminators. They couldn’t have been worth much. But gave me a credit of 50% of the purchase price on some AVt 1 Speaker Cables. I got them today and couldn’t believe the difference in my system – even before I’ve really burned them in!”
Robert R., Maine
“I was looking to buy a good power conditioner. The Nerd had an old Monster HTPS 7000 for sale at a good price. I found an old pair of Nordost interconnects that somebody gave me, traded them in and got an even better deal. I’ve been using the Monster for three weeks now. Audio Nerd didn’t disappoint.”
Jon B., Florida
“I got the M1’s in the mail today and they are exactly as you described them. I hope you don’t have too hard a time selling the Monsters. Don’t worry, though. I’m not losing any sleep.”
Andy S., California
“Dude – I can’t believe what these little AVt speaker modules are doing! Thanks for the great deal. They are amazing. Talk about a cheap upgrade!”
Nathan S., Illinois
“I’ve been looking for a good deal on some older B&W’s. I saw a pair of SP 80/2’s at The Nerd. The price was great, they arrived in the same condition he said they would, they got here quickly, and they sound excellent.”
Rich N., Utah